Monday, April 9, 2012

John Augustus Larson

John Augustus Larson Was born in Nova Scotia Canada, and would eventually (1920) become a police officer at Berkeley California after graduating from the University of California in 1920.Shortly, after he was born his family moved to New England. His parents later divorced. Larson's studies started at the University of Boston where he studied biology. Then Larson received a masters degree on his thesis work involving fingerprint technologies. Five years later, he received a PhD. in psychology from the University of California. Just a year after joining the police force he started working with a machine able to decipher when someone was being deceitful. This machine is based upon William Moulton Marstons work on blood pressure. This machine is what we call the lie detector test or polygraph test. By measuring a person’s blood pressure, pulse, breathing rates, and conductivity when asked a series of questions the machines data can be read to determine how truthful someone is being. Larson originally called it the Sphygmomanometer. Larson died in Nashville, Tennessee in 1964.


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